WoW leveling guide stands for World of Warcraft leveling guide. It is the easiest guide among all the guides to play the game successfully and quickly. This guide,  is very helpful in completing 90 levels of the game within only 3 days. There are some WoW leveling guide tips that are helpful for the players. These tips will minimize your leveling time. You can start use this tips today, but if you are looking for more advanced ways to level I’ld recommend you to check zygor guides. It’s one of the most popular guides in the wow community and recently GameInformer have published a very good article about it. Read the Zygor Guides article at GameInformer.

  • While playing the game, you should have maximum bags. This will help you to save your time. You will have no need to go back to the main and keep on selling all the time.
  • Try to pile up the maximum products for consumption like water, potions and food. It will also helpful for you to save your time in going back and purchasing the products for consumption.
  • Try to join the guide when you are at the level number 6 or higher so that you can get a fast track perk. This will increase help you to gain 10% XP.
  • Try to find out the best spec for your class at your level.
  • If you want to reach till the level 80 within a few hours, then you should try to get an RAF account. This account will award you with the speed of 3 x Xp.
  • Usually all the players want to play the games singly while leveling their characters, but when they want to increase the yield, they find other players or make group with their friends.
  • If you purchase heirloom items, you will be able to gain more and more bonuses and you will be also successful in minimizing your leveling time.
  • When we talk about loot and don’t loot, then it is true that the players who are rich do not need to loot everything.

So, the leveling in the World of War craft is only about the experience. The leveling of your 2nd and 3rd character is always quicker and faster as compare to the first character leveling. It does not depend upon the type of leveling guide you are using, but it depends upon your experience and level of understanding. You should try the Wow leveling guide to play the levels quickly. You can learn about it by the customer’s reviews. If you still find yourself confused, then you should go for its trial version and enjoy the game.